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For Immediate Release                                     Contact:           Deborah D. Davis

September 14, 2001                                                                             202-293-5330


Union Plus Programs Help Union Members Impacted By Terrorists Attacks

who participate in one or more of the following Union Privilege programs should call these toll-free numbers to find out about the assistance available:

*Union Plus Credit Card – 1-800-622-2580

*Union Plus Loan – 1-800-343-7097

*Union Plus Mortgage and Real Estate – 1-800-848-6466


*Union Plus Education Loan – 1-877-881-1022

*Union Plus Car Rental

               Avis – 1-800-698-5855

Budget – 1-800-455-2848

            "Our sympathy goes out to the families who have lost loved ones during this very tragic time.  The Union Plus programs are designed to help working families while they are away from their jobs, and in times like this we have to take steps to see what else we can do to help working families.  That is why we have asked our program providers to develop policies that will aid members during this special time," said Leslie Tolf, president of Union Privilege.  "Our program providers are prepared to work with members, on a case-by-case basis, and assist them in whatever way they can during this horrific time.  This type of help will let members know that their union membership, and program participation makes a difference in good times and bad times."     

            Members can also visit the Union Privilege web site at http://www.unionprivilege.org/ for up-to-date program assistance information.


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