United Maintenance Instructors Ratify Contract

IAM District 141 has announced that Maintenance Instructors at United Airlines overwhelmingly ratified a new agreement.

The four-year accord provides for significant wage, pension, benefit and job-security improvements, including a $122 annual IAM National Pension Plan multiplier for 2014 that increases to $128 in 2018.

Top base hourly wages immediately increase to $40.60 an hour, rising annually until the top rate reaches $43.94 in 2018.

Pensions increase to $122 per month times each year of credited future service, rising to $128 in 2018.

Significant retroactive and bonus pay, generous shift premium increases, vacation improvement and “no farm-out” of core work provisions are also included in the new contract.

“This agreement was reached through the hard work and focus of both the IAM and United negotiating teams without the direct involvement of the National Mediation Board (NMB),” said IAM District 141 President Rich Delaney. “It’s simply the result of the strong working relationship that the maintenance instructors and United have developed.”

The ratified maintenance instructor agreement follows on the heels of three previous ratified joint contracts achieved by the IAM at United Airlines. Fleet Service, Pubic Contact and Stores agreements were ratified in 2013.

“We are hopeful that the completion of these negotiations will lead to the successful conclusion of the Fleet Technical Instructor, Security Officer, Food Service and Central Load Planner negotiations,” said Delaney.

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