Updated UCubed Map Showcases Broad GOP Attack on Jobless

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More than 6.8 million jobless Americans are about to see their situations go from bad to worse.

A few months ago, UCubed released a map showing states that are currently pushing bills to punish the unemployed by reducing jobless benefits and subjecting the unemployed to drug tests. The new map reflects the ongoing GOP attacks against the unemployed.

Folks in Michigan, where more than 486,000 Americans are without work – one of the highest jobless rates in the nation – were the first to be burned after the state cut unemployment insurance eligibility from 26 weeks to 20 weeks. Florida’s nearly one million unemployed were next to have their checks stopped short. Arkansas’ more than 107,000 jobless residents have also been dropped.

If you live in any of the 25 anti-jobless states, send your state legislators and governor a letter demanding they cease their attacks on America’s unemployed. Tell your state policymakers to either focus on jobs or prepare to join the ranks of the jobless in 2012.

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