Urge Governors to Address JOBS Crisis

On February 20-22, 2010, governors from across the nation will converge upon Washington, D.C., for the Annual National Governors Association Winter Meeting. The governors will be meeting to discuss issues vital to each of their individual states, as well as the nation’s future. As tradition dictates, the governors will also be meeting with the president and cabinet members.


While the weekend agenda calls for a focus on health care reform, a gathering of executive leaders from across the 50 states would be remiss without a candid conversation about JOBS.


More than 31 million unemployed Americans and a real unemployment rate of 18.4 percent is one elephant in the room that just cannot be ignored


Don’t let your governor leave Washington without sharing with the president the stories of thousands of others back home who are struggling to make ends meet and fighting to keep a roof over their head. Don’t let your governor simply partake in a weekend of hobnobbing and fine dining when one-in-eight adults and one-in-four children across this country are starving. Don’t let your governor forget about the need for jobs in your state!


Click here to send a letter to your governor demanding that when he/she convenes for the 2010 National Governors Association Winter Meeting on February 20-22, JOBS is on the agenda.

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