U.S. Labor Supporting Machinists at Swedwood

The IAM campaign to bring fairness and union representation to workers at Swedwood, a Virginia facility supplying furniture giant IKEA, is gaining global momentum. An IAM website www.goiam.org/Ikea about the campaign has already generated more than 1,000 letters to the IKEA CEO, with more on the way every day.

Postings on the AFL-CIO website and Labor Start are bringing additional attention to the campaign highlighting working conditions and harassment of union organizers at Swedwood. A blog and video provide valuable perspective about the struggle at the Danville, VA facility.

“The response by our members to this struggle gives new meaning to the Christmas spirit,” said Bill Street, director of the IAM’s Woodworkers Department. “IKEA knows it is in violation of global framework agreements; and once our members explain to them that what’s happening at Swedwood, we are confident that IKEA will step in and demand that Swedwood does the right thing.”

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