USA Membership Makes Holiday Shopping Easy

Whether you’re ready or not, the holiday season comes every year toward the end of big game season. And if you’re like many sportsmen, you’d rather sit in the woods until your fingers and face go numb than set foot in a shopping mall near Christmas.

So forget big crowds and the hassle of figuring out what to get the hunter or fisherman on your list – give the gift that keeps giving through every fish and game season – the gift of a Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) membership.

With a free Buck Knife, an outdoor magazine, four issues of the USA Journal, an online mapping subscription, exclusive discounts on outdoor gear and a whole lot more, you’re giving a gift worth more than $130 for a price of just $25! Plus, your gift is helping get the USA’s new Boots on the Ground program up and running to expand and improve hunting and fishing access and habitat for all, now and in the future.

So whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the sportsman or sportswoman in your life or need to let someone know what you’d like to see under the tree this year, a USA membership is the perfect, hassle-free gift that’s jam-packed with value.

To order a USA gift membership: Visit or call 1-877-872-2211 (toll-free).

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