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Larry Bowen
APRIL 28, 2006
Video: Contracts: Good Enough for the Company, Good Enough for Us
Larry Bowen talks about the security of a contract.

Allen Knight.jpg
APRIL 28, 2006Video: Time to Give the Union A Chance
Allen Kight feels the company had a chance, now it’s time to give the union a chance. 

Chuck Sapp
APRIL 28, 2006Video: Empty Promises
Chuck Sapp comments on how the benefits package was elaborately presented but the content remained insufficient.

Jeff Albertson.jpg

MAY 1, 2006 - Workers Speak Out
Listen to comments from RJR workers.

Jeff Albertson, “Let’s stop losing ground”


Tim Galoppa.jpgMAY 1, 2006 -  Workers Speak Out
Listen to comments from RJR workers.

Tim Galoppa talks about a strong and unified voice.


Tom Whaley.jpg

MAY 1, 2006 -  Workers Speak Out
Listen to comments from RJR workers.

Tom Whaley, “Secure our families’ futures”


Rick Whicker.jpg

MAY 1, 2006 -  Workers Speak Out
Listen to comments from RJR workers.

Rick Whicker, “It’s union time”


Wspo_rjr_2.jpgAPRIL 28, 2006Workers Speak Out
Listen to comments from RJR workers.

Tim Nichols talks about CEO Susan Ivey’s ”give me a chance” – and Reynolds failure to make improvements. 


Eric Kirkpatrick2

APRIL 13, 2006Video: The Union Works For Everybody
Eric Kirkpatrick talks about how the union benefits everyone.


Allen Knight.jpgAPRIL 13, 2006Video: The Union Advantage Is Clear
Allen Kight talks about the benefits B&W had, Philip Morris has and that RJR workers do not. 


Chuck SappAPRIL 13, 2006Video: Union Contracts Provide Better Benefits
Chuck Sapp talks about the spiraling healthcare costs. 


Chuck SappAPRIL 3, 2006Video: There Is Power In Unity
Chuck Sapp discusses how unity would provide better benefits for all employees.

Larry Bowen

MARCH 30, 2006Video: Retirement Status Makes A Difference
Larry Bowen talks about the three different retirement plans.


Sam HicksMARCH 30, 2006Video: From A Page Right Out of Our Benefits Book
Sam Hicks reads from a page out of the employee benefits book.


Eric Kirkpatrick2MARCH 20, 2006Video: Now I’m A Substitute  
Eric Kirkpatrick discusses defining work assignments.


Larry BowenMARCH 20, 2006Video: Division In The Workplace
Larry Bowen discusses how RJR causes division in the workplace. 


SamMARCH 20, 2006Video: A Voice In The Workplace
Sam Hicks discusses the UTA and workers having a voice in the workplace.



Issues The Company May Raise

Once the Company finds out you want a union, they will likely do all they can to talk you out of it.
Watch a series of introductory videos about a few issues the Company is likely to raise.

corrina.jpgMARCH 20, 2006Video: The company says we’ll be forced to strike, is this true?  
Of course not. No one can force you to strike.  Only the union members covered by the contract can decide whether to strike or not and even then, a vote must be taken, so that every member has a voice in the process. 


corrina.jpgMARCH 20, 2006Video: Why does the company not want me to pay dues?    This may seem like an odd question, but isn’t it curious that a multi-billion dollar company is worried about you having to pay dues?


corrina.jpgMARCH 20, 2006Video: Will the company close if I vote to join the union?   The answer is no.  It is against federal law for a company to close or threaten to close a plant because of union activity.


corrina.jpgMARCH 20, 2006Video: Will I lose my current benefits if I join the union?   No.  First of all, it is illegal for the Company to take away benefits you now have in order to punish you for voting for the union.


corrina.jpgMARCH 20, 2006Video: Who runs the union?   The simple answer to this question is: you do. The company may try to tell you that the union is run by outsiders, not from around here, but that just isn’t the truth.




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