Vinny Addeo Appointed IAM Chief of Staff to Incoming International President Brian Bryant

Vinny Addeo, currently serving as the IAM’s Organizing Director, will become the Chief of Staff to incoming International President Brian Bryant, who succeeds retiring International President Robert Martinez Jr. on January 1, 2024.

Addeo brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and a proven track record of leadership within the IAM that spans over four decades.

Addeo’s journey with the IAM began in 1980 when he began his career in aviation as an aircraft technician for Eastern Airlines. Over the years, Addeo served the IAM in various capacities within Districts 141, 141-M, and 142, showcasing his passion for advocacy for workers in the airline industry.

In 1998, Addeo took on the role of District Organizer in the IAM Air Transport Territory, a position he held for seven years. His tireless efforts in organizing within the airline industry laid the foundation for his future leadership roles within the IAM.

In 2005, Addeo assumed the position of Director of Organizing/Business Representative for District Lodge 15 in Brooklyn, N.Y., where he served for an impressive thirteen years, and eight of those years as the President of the New Jersey State Council of Machinists. His dedication and strategic leadership were further recognized when, on January 1, 2018, Addeo was appointed by International President Robert Martinez Jr. to serve as the IAM’s Director of Organizing—a position he has held for the past six years.

Under Addeo’s guidance as the IAM Organizing Director, the union achieved remarkable success, earning the prestigious title of the No. 1 organizing union in the AFL-CIO for NLRB election victories. He is committed to strengthening the IAM through education and advocating for workers’ rights, primarily through his unique education program to train organizers and IAM representatives on the practical elements of an organizing campaign. This program has been instrumental in the union’s continued success in organizing. 

Education has been a cornerstone of Addeo’s journey, holding a master’s of science in labor studies from the University of Massachusetts and a bachelor of arts in union leadership and administration from the National Labor College. He is also a graduate of the Teterboro School of Aeronautics, where he received his Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifications as an Aircraft Technician. He is also an FAA-certified Private Pilot.  

Vinny and his wife, Michele, have two children, Vincenzo and Tessa.

“Vinny’s work as the IAM Organizing Director has been outstanding,” said IAM International President Robert Martinez Jr. “I feel confident in the future of our union with someone who understands what our members on the shop floor experience daily. He will be an excellent resource for our next International President, Brian Bryant.” 

“As Vinny assumes the role of IAM Chief of Staff to the International President, I am confident that his experience, passion, and commitment to the principles of the IAM will contribute significantly to the continued success and growth of our union,” said IAM Resident General Vice President Brian Bryant. “Vinny’s track record of success and dedication to the IAM makes him an excellent choice for this crucial role.”

“I’m honored to be given the opportunity to serve as Chief of Staff to the International President,” said Addeo. “I want to thank incoming International President Brian Bryant for showing his confidence in me to carry out such an important role in the leadership of our Union. I look forward to the challenges that lie ahead and to assisting our International President in keeping the IAM at the forefront of the labor movement.” 

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