Vote Online for America’s Worst Boss

June 29, 2006 – The votes are in for the first installment of Working America’s My Bad Boss Contest. The competition included bosses who denied workers time off to attend funerals, and one who made workers write training manuals for their overseas replacements.

Of the 15,000 votes cast for this week’s Bad Boss winner—nearly 1,526 voters cast their ballots in favor of “Wounded Healer,” a Michigan health care worker who described trying to help a war veteran brought to a hospital emergency room seeking psychiatric treatment.

Wounded Healer tried to get authorization for the patient to be admitted to a hospital, but the boss refused. The hospital then charged $5,000 to the veteran’s credit card and then discharged him. A short time later, he committed suicide.

Wounded Healer took the rest of the day off using personal time, however, her boss complained to her supervisor, saying “I don’t know why she had to take the day off. People commit suicide every day.”

Each weekly contest winner receives a special prize and will be entered as finalists for the grand prize: a one-week vacation getaway and $1,000 toward air fare, compliments of Union Privilege. This week’s prize is a “Take This Job and Shove It” CD by Johnny Paycheck. If you have (or used to have) a bad boss and want to enter the contest, here’s how.

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