Voting Begins for Delta Passenger Service Group

The largest Passenger Service election in more than a decade gets underway today as the National Mediation Board (NMB) began mailing voting instructions to 16,000 Passenger Service employees at Delta Air Lines.

Eligible voters include both pre-merger Delta and pre-merger Northwest Passenger Service and Reservation employees, including Delta’s Home Agents.

A successful election will preserve the IAM agreement for pre-merger Northwest employees while negotiations begin to create a single agreement that would cover the combined group. An unsuccessful election would dissolve the existing agreement and give Delta management the complete authority to set wages, work rules and benefit levels for all 16,000 workers.

“This election is an opportunity for Delta Passenger Service employees to protect themselves,” said Salt Lake Citybased Dennis Goff, who joined the IAM campaign more than 18 months ago. “Delta may be making money now but it wasn’t long ago they were in bankruptcy. We need protection from becoming collateral damage in an industry that can change quickly.”

The Passenger Service group at Delta is the largest group to win the right to vote for IAM representation. Representation elections are also underway for 14,000 Fleet Service workers and 700 Stock and Stores employees.

“Passenger Service employees have witnessed firsthand the changes that have swept over their industry in the past decade,” said Transportation Vice President Robert Roach, Jr. “Whatever stability once existed has been replaced by cutthroat competition and rampant outsourcing, not to mention punishing bankruptcies and massive consolidation. Delta workers can protect themselves by voting YES for the IAM.”

Voters can cast their YES vote for the IAM either by calling 1-877-NMB-VOTE, or visiting and clicking “Click here to vote in a representation election.”

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