Voting Period Extended at United Airlines

Nearly 17,000 Passenger Service and Reservation employees at the new United Airlines have until March 7, 2012 to cast ballots in the historic election to determine union representation for their classification. The election, which was initially set to conclude on February 21, was extended by the National Mediation Board (NMB) thanks to a successful effort by the IAM to give all eligible voters the opportunity to participate.

The battle began on February 10, when nearly 1,000 Passenger Service and Reservation employees were removed from the list of eligible voters following an appeal to the NMB by United Airlines. United claimed these employees should not be allowed to vote in any election, under any circumstances.

The backlash among employees was fast and furious. Using text messages, Facebook and Twitter, news of the company’s vote-stealing gambit quickly became known at every ticket counter, break room and reservation center around the country.

The IAM responded with an appeal to the National Mediation Board and won a complete reversal of the initial ruling. In addition to restoring the voting rights to all eligible voters, the Board extended the voting period to March 7 to ensure all voters would have an opportunity to participate.

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