Walker Continues Attack on Wisconsin Working Families

IAM District 10 members braved the snow to protest a right-to-work bill rammed through the GOP-controlled Wisconsin state legislature.

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker continued his attack on working families by pushing through and then signing “Right-to-Work” (for less) legislation, making Wisconsin the 25th state to pass similar laws.

“Scott Walker is building his political career on the backs of the Wisconsin working families he should be protecting,” said IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger. “The legislation Scott Walker signed today benefits his corporate backers and lowers the quality of life for the hardworking citizens of his state.

“Union members aren’t the enemy. They teach our children, provide our medical care, produce the products and services we depend on, serve our country in the military, and much more,” said Buffenbarger. “The legislation Scott Walker championed today proves that his agenda is to serve the needs of billionaires and not those who are working so hard to make ends meet.

“Wisconsin workers can now look forward to lower wages, less health care, fewer safety protections on the job and less investment in education,” said Buffenbarger. “A shattered middle class is the legacy Scott Walker will leave behind in his quest for national office.”

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