Washington Wakes Up to Jobs Crisis

It appears last week’s sobering unemployment numbers have finally jolted lawmakers in Washington to the reality of the nation’s ongoing jobs crisis. In a long overdue move, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid now says Senate Democrats will take up a new job-creation bill next year. In addition, President Barack Obama says he’s organizing a White House jobs summit next month.

According to The Hill, Sen. Reid made the announcement during Senate Democrats’ weekly lunch, saying job creation was going to be “one of the priorities” for the Senate. Speaking at the White House today, the president said he will invite CEOs, small business owners, economists, and representatives from labor unions around the country to the White House in December to “talk about how we can work together” to create jobs.

“For months, we have pushed for programs to create and protect jobs on Main Street, rather than Wall Street,” said IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger. “We applaud the awakening in Washington. The situation today, however, is more desperate and urgent than it needed to be. There can be no real recovery without a massive effort to put millions of Americans back to work.”

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