We Want to Hear From Working Women

Click here to take the survey and share your thoughts.The AFL-CIO has released a new survey of working women to capture a multifaceted picture of the lives of working women across the country, both union and nonunion.

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The National Survey of Working Women is an opportunity for advocates and the media to understand the challenges working women face, whether it’s on the job, balancing work and family, or leading in our communities.

The anonymous survey asks women about their economic interests, family and work life, along with the challenges of balancing their responsibilities.

Click here to take the survey and share your thoughts.

If you have already taken the survey, or are not a woman, please pass the information on to someone who has not. Participation will bring the voices of real working women to the world.

The results from the survey will be published in a written report and distributed nationally through media outlets, labor unions, and advocates.

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