Website Tracks the Facts on Outsourcing

Want to know where all the jobs have gone? Visit Working America and the AFL-CIO’s new site, Job Tracker – an interactive, zip code-searchable database that lists information on more than 400,000 corporations that have outsourced jobs out of the U.S.

Visitors can put in their zip code and see a list of companies in their area who are reported to be exporting jobs, or who are making layoffs due to trade since 2005. Job Tracker maps the results, and also lists companies who are making mass layoffs, plus companies who have OSHA and NLRA violations.  In addition, the site maps federal contractors with employment discrimination violations, and includes CEO pay for publicly traded firms.

To accompany the website, Working America and the AFL-CIO have also released “Outsourced: Sending Jobs Overseas – The Cost to America’s Economy and Working Families” – a detailed study on the economic effects of outsourcing.

The organizations are also asking workers around the country to send in their own reports of companies who are offshoring. They’ll research those companies and add them to the database.  

For more information and to try Job Tracker out for yourself, click here.

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