Why not Bush?

Working Men and Women Should Not Support President Bush

Why should I support John Kerry for President of the United States? What is wrong with President George Bush? Let’s look at the Bush Administration’s record on several issues:

In the past 3 years the Bush Administration has come out in support of exporting good U.S. jobs despite the loss of 2.6 million jobs since Bush took office.

He has backed the Republicans in Congress who consistently rejected in 2002 and 2003 proposals that would have extended the emergency federal unemployment benefits program for long-term laid off workers for another six months and added 13 weeks of regular benefits for jobless workers in all states.

The Bush Administration has published regulations to deny overtime pay protections to many U.S. workers. The changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) rules affect a wide range of the more than 80 million workers protected by the law’s overtime requirements. The rules enable employers to reclassify many workers currently eligible for overtime pay as managers or administrative or professional employees who are exempt from time and one-half overtime pay.

President Bush signed a Medicare drug bill that threatens seniors’ health care. The Medicare bill signed on Dec. 8, 2003 actually prohibits Medicare from negotiating with the pharmaceutical industry for lower drug prices and leaves a large hole with no coverage for seniors paying $2,251 up to $5,100 for drugs. This bill does nothing to restrain the skyrocketing price increases faced by America’s seniors for purchasing the drugs that they need.

Bush took away collective bargaining rights from 170,000 workers in the Homeland Security Department and he also denied airport screeners the freedom to choose a union.

In September 2003, the Bush Administration nominated three individuals who favor privatization to serve on the Amtrak board of directors. President Bush authored and supports a plan to privatize Amtrak, which threatens the jobs of some 20,000 Amtrak workers—10,000 of whom are TCU members.

These are just six examples of what President Bush’s position has been and is concerning the rights of working men and women in this country. There are many other issues that can be explored as well, unfair tax cuts for the wealthy, no support for job training programs, unfair trade agreements, no action on health care crisis, backs taking away representation rights from thousands more federal workers, pushed policies that under-fund schools and on and on it goes.

We deserve a President who is for all of America’s people. We deserve a President who will bring the country together not drive us farther apart. We deserve a President who will focus on the issues that mean the most to working families. John Kerry is the person who will do all of these. All of us must get behind John Kerry for President. Together we will win back the presidency for the working people of our country.

We urge you to make a contribution to the Kerry for President Campaign. Go to www.johnkerry.com to make your contribution. Be sure to put on the memo line of your check “Proud Member of TCU.” Remember contributions to the John Kerry for President campaign are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

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