Winpisinger Center Hosts National Labor College Program

Machinists from all over the country are taking advantage of the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree through a partnership between the IAM’s William W. Winpisinger Center and the National Labor College. Back row (left to right): Charlie Micallef, Steve Warren, James Spalo, Beau Marnhout, Victoria Bouchee. Front row (left to right): David Wheatley, Jerry Regehr, Edison Fraser. Not pictured: Nicole Washington-Fears.

The Winpisinger Center hosted eight IAM members to the IAM / National Labor College (NLC) General Education week. The week-long program is part of the requirement for a NLC bachelor’s degree in one of several labor studies programs.  The National Labor College offers degree programs in several labor related fields and partners with the IAM’s Winpisinger Education Center to allow IAM members to complete part of their degree program at the Winpisinger Center.

NLC adjunct Professor Dr. Gary Huh joined our own World History Professor, Charlie Micallef, to provide instruction in Algebra and Physics.  Dr. Huh has been teaching at the National Labor College for three years. This was Dr. Huh’s first time teaching at the Winpisinger Center. “It is very fulfilling to teach IAM member students both online and face-to-face in a real classroom as well. I would definitely like to come back in the future if the opportunity presents itself,” said Huh.

“Participation in the IAM /NLC partnership program has strengthened my skills and helped me develop new ones, as a result I am able to better represent my Brothers and Sisters,” said Transportation Special Representative Edison Fraser, who began taking classes at NLC in May 2012. “I found that after taking a few classes that I was able to do a better job.”  Edison plans to complete the bachelor degree program and graduate just before his son is ready to enroll in college.

The IAM / National Labor College Degree Program combines online learning with a residency component at the Winpisinger Center making it possible to earn a Bachelor’s degree while continuing to work. Nearly 125 IAM members have taken advantage of the partnership between NLC and the IAM and have earned their degree. If you are interested in learning about the program or pursuing a degree in the field of labor, please contact Rhonda Rogers at for additional information.

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