Winpisinger Center Seeking IAM Musicians and Poets

The William W. Winpisinger Education and Technology Center (W3 Center) is looking for IAM members who are musicians, singers and/or poets and interested in producing the next chapter in the history of labor music and poetry.

If you play an instrument, sing, or write music or poetry, the W3 Center is asking that you use your talent to tell our stories; whether about worker and social justice, walking the picket line, bargaining for better wages and benefits, the declining middle class, the solidarity of union brothers and sisters, or anything else you want to share about life today for working families. All genres of music are welcome (Rap, Country, Rock, R&B, Tejano, etc.).

Those musically- or lyrically-inclined IAM musicians and poets who are interested in this project should call Henry Bagwell at the Winpisinger Center at 301-373-8815, or send an email to Henry looks forward to your ideas, talent and enthusiasm.

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