Wisconsin Democratic Senator Wins Recall Race

Wisconsin Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen easily defeated his Republican challenger in the first of nine recall races sparked by Wisconsin GOP Governor Scott Walker’s attacks on working families.

Three Democratic Senators, who were part of the “Wisconsin 14” who left the state to keep the legislature from passing Walker’s anti-worker budget bill, face recall challenges from Republicans. Walker’s budget bill stripped collective bargaining rights from hundreds of thousands of state workers and sparked months of protests. All of the Democratic Senators survived primary challenges by “fake” Republican candidates who ran as Democrats. Hansen’s election was the first general election after the primaries. He cruised to victory by a 66 percent margin.

“The people of Green Bay are sending a strong message to undemocratic leaders who are ramming through attacks on Wisconsin workers and communities,” said Phil Neuenfeldt, President of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO. “Wisconsin will not stand for it. Today’s results show that momentum is continuing to build for working family candidates as we head into the August general elections and that voters are serious about turning this state around.”

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