Wisconsin Local 1438 Delivers $5,000 for Merrill Strikers


Members of IAM Local 1438 from Federal Mogul in Wausau, WI donated $5,000 to IAM members of Local 2362 at a solidarity picnic in Merrill, WI to support their strike against Merrill Manufacturing.

A $5,000 donation from IAM members at Federal Mogul in Wausau, WI was presented to striking workers at a picnic held at Riverside Park in Merrill, WI. More than 30 members of IAM Local 2362 have been on strike since March after Merrill management made outrageous demands and forced the strike. Merrill has been operating with replacement workers. The IAM has filed an unfair labor practice charge against Merrill.

“IAM members know that an injury to one is an injury to all and what happens to workers in Merrill will spread to other locations,” said Local 1438 President Donald Tessmer from Federal Mogul. Approximately 45 workers plus their families attended the picnic and reaffirmed their commitment to fight for fairness at Merrill Manufacturing.

The donation is in response to appeal letters Local 2362 sent to IAM Lodges across the US. “I was completely caught off guard by how quickly they responded and by the size of their generosity,” said Local 2362 Union President Norma Schroder.

“I would not at be surprised if this amount triples in a relatively short period of time,” said District W3 President Jere McFalda as more lodges hold meetings in September. “Hopefully Merrill Manufacturing will understand that their fight is no longer with workers in Merrill, their fight is now with the IAM.”

Local 2362 members are stepping up their fight against Merrill with letters to the editor in local papers explaining the strike and intensifying efforts to get Japanese unions to educate Merrill Manufacturer’s largest customer, Kawasaki, that doing business with a company that violates basic human rights such as the International Labor Organization’s core labor standards will not be tolerated. “It is one thing to engage in tough bargaining it is another to permanently replace striking workers,” said McFalda. “The ILO, a part of the United Nations, has already ruled that the permanent replacement of striking workers is a human rights violation.”

Take Action: Click here to send a letter to Merrill’s owners and customers demand a fair settlement to the strike.


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