Wisconsin Machinist Releases Collection of Labor Songs

In addition to rejuvenating the American Labor Movement, the struggle to restore collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin is now the inspiration for a newly-released collection of labor songs by Milwaukee, WI Local 66 member Joe ‘Pepe’ Oulahan.

“I’ve always admired the troubadours of the 40’s and 50’s such as Joe Hill, Woody Gutherie, and Pete Seeger,” said Oulahan. “These folk singers wrote and played songs of the struggles of working people, they never compromised their ideals. Their songs went on to be an integral part of the movement we now know as organized labor.”

A long-time union activist and amateur guitarist, Oulahan recorded the six songs on “It’s Just Business” to express his gratitude for what the labor movement has provided for him and his family, and in opposition to the right-wing attack on collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin.

“A good friend of mine and fellow IAM member, Don Burmester, put it best when he said that the folk songs of labor paint a picture of what is happening at that particular time and so become part of the struggle and part of a history that needs to always be remembered,” said Oulahan.

For more information and to acquire a copy of “It’s Just Business,” contact Oulahan via email at pepe99@sbcglobal.net.

To preview the songs click here:

  1. Union Time
  2. It’s Just Business
  3. Reach for the Sun
  4. Beware of Better than Nothing
  5. Workers Aren’t Bad
  6. 3/9 with Intro
  7. I Will Never Forget
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