Wisconsin Votes Today on Recall Targets

With control of the state Senate in the balance, Wisconsin voters go to the polls today in an unprecedented recall election that could put the brakes on GOP Gov. Scott Walker’s anti-worker agenda.

The six Republicans targeted today are Walker’s closest allies; the ones who steered his move to strip collective bargaining rights from public employees, all in the name of the “budget repair bill.” If just three are defeated today, the Democrats will take control of the state Senate, lending momentum heading into a 2012 recall election against Walker himself.

Earlier this year, Walker’s actions set off a wave of protests across America, and at the State Capital in Madison, where tens of thousands descended – for months – to voice their opposition to Walker and his anti-worker, anti-union tactics. Many IAM members and leaders joined in the action.

Stirred by the protesters, and inspired by the Robert Johnson blues classic, “Walkin’ Blues,” the all-union Bonobo Secret Handshake band of Madison, WI released a video called the “Scott Walker Blues.” It opens with a “this is what democracy looks like” chorus and displays powerful, encouraging footage from the protests. Here are a few lines from the song:

I woke up this morning, paid my union dues,

That’s when I knew I had them mean ol’ Scott Walker blues.

Don’t let ‘em tell Scott Walker ain’t so bad.

He’s worst damn governor we’ve ever had.

Check out this great video by clicking here. Pay close attention around the 1:50 mark, and you’ll see they caught IAM Midwest Territory GVP Phil Gruber with the delegation from our own Milwaukee District Lodge 10 marching in solidarity.

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