Workers Ratify First Contract at IKEA in Savannah

Workers from the IKEA Warehouse/Distribution Center in Savannah, GA, celebrate a first contract after organizing to join the IAM last summer.

Sixty-two workers at the IKEA Warehouse/Distribution Center in Savannah, GA, are celebrating a new year with a first IAM Contract after organizing to join the Machinists Union last summer. The three-year agreement gives raises of 17 percent over the term of the accord, caps health insurance costs and ensures a voice on the job for IKEA employees.

“This is a fantastic group of members, and we’re excited that they are joining our District,” said District 112 Directing Business Representative Steve Hernandez. “The members voted overwhelmingly for the contract, which gives them the respect and rights on the job they were striving for when they organized.”

The agreement includes a Joint Safety Agreement and a Joint Partnership Agreement. “We are developing an excellent relationship with the company,” said Hernandez. “They see where an IAM agreement is good for the workers and management, in building a proactive environment where the workers are proud and productive.”

“This strong IAM contract builds upon the gains first made when the IAM organized the IKEA Swedwood facility in Danville, VA,” said Southern Territory GVP Bob Martinez, Jr. “Prospective members at IKEA across the country can see that an IAM contract is a win-win for the workers, the company and their community.”

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