Working America Launches New Website to Connect Employees to Unions

A new website run by labor-rights group Working America is making it easier than ever for employees from almost any industry to organize and improve their workplaces. offers an interactive online tutorial for workers who are “feeling overworked, underpaid, unsafe, or disrespected by [their] boss.”
Users can create a free personal account that first helps identify workplace problems and then provides a walk-through of the beginning stages of organizing – speaking with coworkers, starting employee and public petitions and eventually connecting with a union organizer. Workers can keep a log of their activity on the site so they can refer back to previous steps throughout the entire process.

The site offers advice on everything from contacting the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) about safety issues to dealing with an incompetent boss. Whether the end result is a union shop or not, can at least help identify and solve issues at work.

And the site isn’t without some fun – a YouTube video promoting it features a dance off between employees and their boss.

“We also are trying to find new ways for workers to have representation on the job,” said Working America spokesperson Aruna Jain in an interview with Union Circle. “We want to train and educate people on how to self-organize, and to learn collective action – the single most effective way of improving their working conditions. This is one way we can start that process.”

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