Working People Saying ‘IAM Yes’ in Supposedly Union-Unfriendly South

Listening to the politicians, you’d think there weren’t any unions in the South. But working people in the region of the country with the lowest wages and fewest worker protections are quickly finding out there’s a way to reverse that trend – joining a union.

The IAM’s Southern Territory has 29 organizing wins so far this year.

Here are some of their latest victories:


      • 22 FEMA facility base support workers; Aktarius, LLC; Fort McClellan
      • 12 maintenance workers, L-3, Fort Rucker
      • Three aircraft maintenance workers, AECOM/URS, Dannelly Field


        • 16 refuelers, Doss Bulk Fuels, NAS Pensacola
        • 15 airport cargo office clerks, Swissport, Miami
        • 14 supply logistics workers, Bering Straits Logistic Services, Hurlburt Field
        • Nine simulation support workers, Bowhead Systems Service, NAS Pensacola
        • Six bulk fuelers, Doss Bulk Fuels, NAS Pensacola
        • Three test flight pilots, L-3, Whiting Field

U.S. Virgin Islands:

          • 15 cement truck drivers, yard men, dispatchers and heavy equipment operators; Spartan Products; St. Croix

“Organizing never ends,” said Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin. “We have been successful in the South by organizing units large and small. We’ve also added a couple of hundred workers on internal organizing campaigns. Thanks to all our organizers for these wins. Our staff and Locals and Districts have all changed our culture to prioritize organizing, and I know we have many ongoing campaigns in the South that will bear fruit in the coming months.”

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