Wounded IAM Veteran Featured in ‘Brotherhood Outdoors’ Hunt

Retired U.S. Army General Wesley Clark, left, presents Iraqi War veteran and Local Lodge 2916 member Connie Rendon with an award from IAM members for her sacrifice and service. Rendon was severely injured during her deployment in Iraq in 2004.

An annual hunting trip for whitetail deer is a hallowed American tradition routinely enjoyed by tens of thousands of sportsmen and women. But for Corpus Christie, TX Local 2916 member Connie Rendon, this year’s hunt was the culmination of an extraordinary journey back from the front lines in Iraq.

Like many veterans, Rendon endured a long and painful recovery after sustaining severe injuries when her truck hit a roadside bomb while delivering supplies to troops in the field. The blast, which killed one soldier, left Rendon with severe injuries to both arms, as well as to her lower lip and chin. While her left hand was salvaged, she no longer has use of her right arm.

To honor Rendon for her service and sacrifice, her fellow IAM members nominated her to be a guest on the USA’s Brotherhood Outdoor TV series. The inspiring program follows Rendon on her first-ever hunt for a Texas whitetail.
Tune in to Brotherhood Outdoors at 8 p.m. E/P on Thursday, Oct. 4 on Sportsman Channel to find out if this American hero and her specially modified .243 rifle can overcome buck fever to bring home a trophy.

Watch a sneak preview.

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