WWW Center Prepares IAM Members at Northrop for Upcoming Negotiations

IAM Local 575 Negotiating Committee members went to the WWW Center to prepare for upcoming negotiations. From left to right, Chief Shop Steward Frank DeQuatro, Local 575 President Javier Cajina, Michael Martinez, and District 725 Business Representative Joe Solis.

Negotiating Committee members at IAM District 725, Local 575 in Azusa, CA, recently prepared for upcoming negotiations with defense contractor Northrop Grumman by developing a multi-faceted strategic bargaining plan at the William W. Winpisinger (WWW) Education and Technology Center in Hollywood, MD.

The more than 120 IAM members at Northrop build the Space-Based Infrared Satellite Constellation, a missile-tracking surveillance system used by the U.S. military.

The WWW Center’s week-long Negotiation Preparation for Bargaining Committees class provided detailed training in drafting contract language, presenting proposals, analyzing the company’s strengths and weaknesses and identifying a broad array of potential tactics.

“We came to the Winpisinger Center with an expectation to gain knowledge and experience,” said Negotiating Committee member Javier Cajina. “The Winspisinger Center has not only met our expectations, but surpassed them.”

The week culminated in a simulated negotiation session.

“It was a great opportunity to work through our group dynamics and get us ready for the real thing,” said District 725 Business Representative Joe Solis. “The committee had an opportunity to try out some of the memberships proposals in a realistic bargaining environment.”

The Committee developed a strategic plan that not only detailed specific tactics for current negotiations, but also a plan to build future bargaining strength.

“Going to the Winpisinger Center, I learned that we have first-class instructors that are passionate and extremely knowledgeable in the fields they teach,” said Chief Steward Frank DeQuatro. “Part of our long-term plan is encouraging others to attend the Center.”

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