Blondin Named Aerospace Coordinator

District 751 President and IAM Law Committee member Mark Blondin will draw on a wealth of local and national experience in his new role as IAM Aerospace Coordinator, a position he will assume upon the retirement of senior Aerospace Coordinator Dick Schneider.

Currently serving his second term as president and directing business representative of the 45,000-member District 751 in Seattle, Blondin, 47, will join Aerospace Coordinators John Crowdis, Ron Eldridge and Frank Santos overseeing more than three dozen IAM-Boeing agreements in 22 different locations around the country.

“It was a tough decision, but I believe it’s a great opportunity,” said Blondin, who thanked the members of District 751 for their support during his tenure as president, which included the month-long strike at Boeing in 2005. “It has been a privilege and an honor to lead District 751 for the past six years.”

IP Tom Buffenbarger applauded Blondin’s decision. “Mark’s combination of youth and experience are exactly what this union needs in the Aerospace Coordinator position. Mark’s experience at the local, district and national levels make him the ideal candidate to carry on the work of retiring Aerospace Coordinator Dick Schneider,” said Buffenbarger. “I’m confident the members at Boeing and throughout the Aerospace Department will benefit from this important appointment.”

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