IAM, Bombardier Learjet Launch Contract Talks

May 9, 2006 – With tough negotiations in the offing, IAM leaders attended the contract opener for LL 639 at Bombardier’s Learjet plant in Wichita, Kansas. The contract expires October 2.

“Our member’s top concerns are job security, health care, pensions, and wages,” said Southern Territory GVP Martinez. “We are prepared to bargain hard to win a fair and equitable contract for everyone.”

In 2003, LL 639 agreed to a wage freeze, increased health care costs and other concessions to keep the plant in Wichita. Since then Learjet has returned to profitability.

“We have taken the pain to bring back this great industry,” said IP Buffenbarger. “Everybody worked together. Everybody has a reason to expect some modicum of reward for the hard work they do.”

The Bombardier plant in Wichita manufactures the Learjet 60 and assembles the Learjet 40, 45 and 45XR. The company also operates a Flight Test Center and service center.

Buffenbarger and Martinez were joined by GVP Bob Thayer, Aerospace Coordinator Ron Eldridge, and District 70 DBR Steve Rooney.

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