Moffatt Named New Aerospace Coordinator

March 6, 2007 – GVP Rich Michalski announced the addition of Ray Moffatt to the team of IAM Aerospace Coordinators, effective March 1, 2007.

“As Aerospace Coordinator, Ray brings wisdom and experience in organizing, negotiating and networking in the fast-growing Service Contract Act (SCA) arena,” said GVP Michalski. “His expertise in the Service Contract environment is an invaluable asset.”

Moffatt became a member of the IAM in 1992 after affiliation from the SCA Association of Flight Training Professionals. He has served as negotiating committee member, Treasurer, and President of Local 2902 in Pensacola, FL and Delegate to District 75 in Daleville, AL.

Moffatt was selected to enter the Grand Lodge Apprentice Organizer Program in 1999, and subsequently was put on as an Organizer for District 75. In 2003, Moffatt was appointed a Special Representative in the Southern Territory, and in 2004, became a Grand Lodge Representative in the IAM Organizing Department.

As a former U.S. Marine Corps Officer/Pilot and Service Contract employee himself, Moffatt says it’s easy for him to understand the demands of working under a Service Contract, as well as the benefits of organizing and collective bargaining.

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