Editor & Web
Steward Awards


Editor & Web Steward Awards

The winners of these awards are chosen by the Communications Department staff.

Editor Awards

The 21 Newsletter, LL 21

With a black on white, straight-ahead, one-column format, the 21 Newsletter imparts a great deal of information in just four pages. It’s likely this publication gets posted to more than one bulletin board.

Journal 869, LL 869

Lachine, Quebec-based Local Lodge 869 does something few other IAM local lodges do: they publish their newsletter in English and in French. A 10-page newsletter automatically becomes a 20-page newsletter. Plenty of white space and judicious use of graphics frame a diverse collection of opinion and news.

Machinist United, LL 104

Local Lodge 104’s publication is jam-packed with information and contract updates. Color is used sparingly and enhances the black on white pages. All in all, a good read.

The Union Voice, LL 733

With a minimum of graphics, plenty of white space, and a strong black and white design, the Union Voice presents itself as a serious publication. Editorial offerings include lots of local and state news.

Web Steward Awards

Local Lodge 66

This site features a front page with quick access to about anywhere you want to go, whether it be the latest news headlines, Spanish-language translations of union literature or online union clothing stores. It’s obvious a lot of work goes into this website.

Local Lodge 700

An uncluttered front page with lots of photos welcomes you to this website. No need to look for contract updates, there is a prominent link. With plenty of news and information, this site should be a favorite bookmarked on every LL 700 members’ web browser.

District 776

This spare, clean site takes you right to the heart of things with prominent links to district news and events. Quick navigation and well-placed buttons make this site a pleasure to browse.

Local Lodge 933

An attractive website showcasing its Arizona roots with plenty of local information, graphics, and a detailed collection of community resources