Jonathan Battaglia

Jonathan Battaglia initiated into the IAM’s Communications Department in March 2013 before being appointed assistant communications director by International President Martinez in January 2017. His primary responsibilities include media relations, editing the IAM’s award-winning email newsletter and flagship magazine, social media management, speech writing and campaign support.

He has been quoted in online and print publications including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Bloomberg. Battaglia’s writing has been featured in The Hill, Roll Call, The Palm Beach Post, The Hollywood Reporter, The Arizona Republic and more.

Battaglia has taught numerous communications trainings and classes at the IAM’s Winpisinger Center, ranging from newsletter development and messaging to social media and news writing. He also served as an executive vice president of the International Labor Communications Association.

Battaglia holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of South Carolina and is a native of the Washington, DC area. In his free time, Battaglia enjoys being disappointed by DC sports teams and trying unsuccessfully to resurrect his once-decent golf game.

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