William DeCarlo

William DeCarlo was elected by the TCU Executive Council to take the position of Vice-President and National Legislative Director effective Jan 1, 2020.

“Billy” started his career as Station Cleaner on Long Island Rail Road in 1978.He worked as a Travel Info Clerk, Ticket Clerk, Ticket Agent/Block Operator, TVM Agent, Supervising TVM Agent and Retired from Long Island Railroad in 2010.

Brother DeCarlo was TCU Lodge 177 Legislative Representative in 1995 and was elected Lodge President in 1999. In 2002 he was elected Local Chairman of TCU Local 177 and 2003 he was Elected as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of TCU Board 167. In 2004 Billy was elected Vice-General Chairman of Board 167 and in 2005 General Secretary-Treasurer.

In 2007 he became Assistant National Representative of TCU Unit 167 and in 2013 he became the National Representative a position he held until being elected to the Vice-President and National Legislative Director position in 2020.

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