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  • iMail , News December 1, 2011

    Pelosi Speaks in Support of Workers’ Rights

    Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi spoke on the House floor yesterday against the Republicans’ so-called Workforce Democracy and Fairness Act. Below are some excerpts from her speech: “More than 75 years ago, President Franklin Roosevelt signed a bill which created the National Labor Relations Board and said he did so to give every worker ‘the freedom

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  • iMail , News July 14, 2011

    GOP Spending Cuts Stalls Job Growth

    The GOP promise in the 2010 elections that “getting government out of the way” by cutting spending would create jobs is turning out to have the effect most economists expected – more layoffs. The cuts in government spending and especially aid to cash-strapped states are causing mass layoffs in the public sector, which in turn

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  • iMail , News March 15, 2011

    Hindery Op-ed Argues for U.S. Manufacturing

    In the op-ed “Guess Who Came to Dinner; Guess Who Didn’t Even Get Asked?” Leo Hindery, Chairman of the Smart Globalization Initiative at the New America Foundation, points to the president’s dinner in Silicon Valley last month with eight of his new “BFFs” – each the CEO of an internet-related company including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg,

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  • iMail , News March 3, 2011

    Fair and Balanced, For a Change

    It is not unusual to see mistakes and misinformation, deliberate or otherwise, in news stories about labor unions and union members. From pensions to payrates, the hard-won benefits enjoyed by union members are a constant target for right-wing publications aiming to fuel tension between union and non-union workers. An exception to that norm is the

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  • iMail , News March 1, 2011

    Experts: GOP Budget Cuts Will Hurt Economic Growth

    House Republicans’ plan to cut $61 billion from the federal budget could harm the economic recovery, say two independent economic analysts. Investment firm Goldman Sachs estimates the GOP plan would reduce U.S. economic growth by up to two percent this year, while Moody’s Analytics Chief Economist Mark Zandi says the plan would lead to the

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