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  • iMail , News August 30, 2011

    IMF Demands New Trade Framework for TPPA

    In a 10-point statement issued on behalf of 25 million members in 100 countries, the International Metalworkers Federation (IMF) is calling for significant changes, including a new framework trade agreement, for the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPPA) Agreement. The TPP is an Asia-Pacific regional trade agreement currently being negotiated among the United States and eight other

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  • iMail , News February 8, 2011

    IMF Events Commemorate Lethal Mine Blast

    The International Metalworkers’ Federation (IMF) and three other Global Union Federations are holding “Global Days of Action” in defense of trade union rights in Mexico. The campaign will be held from February 14-19, 2011, to mark the five-year anniversary of Grupo Mexico’s Pasta de Conchos coal mine explosion which took the lives of 65 coal

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  • iMail , News October 7, 2010

    Global Aerospace Alliance Proposed in Seattle

    IAM President Tom Buffenbarger called for a global aerospace union at the International Metalworkers Federation’s (IMF) Aerospace Workers Conference in Seattle, WA. International delegates to the International Metalworkers Federation’s (IMF) Aerospace Workers Conference in Seattle, WA, IAM unanimously approved a proposal, made by President Tom Buffenbarger, that called for the formation of a global aerospace

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  • iMail , News May 18, 2010

    Trade Unionist Executed in Iran

    An Iranian trade unionist, Farzad Kamangar, was secretly hanged in Iran on May 9, 2010. Kamangar, a 35-year-old teacher, was a member of the Teachers’ Union of Kurdistan. According to the International Metalworkers’ Federation, the threat of execution was pending since February 2008 when the union activist was accused of “endangering national security” and “enmity

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  • iMail , News March 18, 2010

    Norway Pressured to Divest Holdings in Grupo Mexico

    Two global trade union federations, together with four Norwegian unions, have asked the Council on Ethics of the Government Pension Fund of Norway to divest its holdings in the Mexican mining conglomerate Grupo Mexico because of alleged labor, human rights and environmental violations. The Council on Ethics oversees responsible investments of the Government Pension Fund,

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