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  • iMail , News March 1, 2011

    IAM Members Gain From Tanker Win

    Workers across the country cheered the news of the tanker contract win. From left, John Jenkins, Gary Ottinger, Janis Tawrel and Josh Allen join the celebration on the 767 line in Everett, WA. The news that Boeing won the U.S. Air Force contract to build a new fleet of aerial refueling tankers is a big

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  • iMail , News December 7, 2010

    IAM Members at Pratt & Whitney Vote ‘YES’

    IAM members at Pratt & Whitney in Connecticut voted overwhelmingly to approve a contract that protects workers impacted by the planned closure of two Pratt & Whitney factories in Cheshire and the CARO facility in East Hartford. The agreement was unanimously recommended by the union’s negotiating committee and clearly demonstrates the value of collective bargaining when

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  • iMail , News December 2, 2010

    Pratt Workers in Connecticut Rally for Job Security

    IAM Eastern Territory GVP Lynn Tucker Jr. spoke at the rally and pledged the union’s support for the embattled workers at Pratt: “We’ll be with you every step of the way in this fight,” declared Tucker. Hundreds of angry Pratt & Whitney workers rallied this week outside the company’s East Hartford, CT, plant before marching

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  • iMail , News October 26, 2010

    Jobs Battle at Pratt Moves to the Bargaining Table

    IAM members at Pratt & Whitney are preparing for the next round in their battle to keep the jet engine maker from moving more than 1,000 jobs from Connecticut to low-cost locations in Georgia, Japan and Singapore. Talks began this week between the IAM and Pratt for a contract to replace the current three-year agreement,

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  • iMail , News August 31, 2010

    IAM Files Labor Board Charges Against Pratt

    Connecticut District 26 filed Unfair Labor Practice charges this week with the National Labor Relations Board over a decision by Pratt & Whitney to lay off 38 workers from the Cheshire overhaul and repair facility. The cuts by Pratt & Whitney are being carried out even while workers are asked to work extra over-time hours

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