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  • iMail , News July 30, 2020

    Join an AFL-CIO Constituency Group

    Power in numbers means collective strength, whether we’re negotiating together for a fair return on our work or doing what it takes to service the communities we live in. The same can be said for the AFL-CIO’s constituency groups, which address challenges that workers from underrepresented groups face.

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  • iMail , News August 14, 2012

    Plan Now for Pride@Work National Convention

    The 6th Triennial Pride at Work Convention will take place September 12-15 in Cleveland, Ohio. As an official AFL-CIO constituency group, Pride at Work educates and advocates on behalf of union and non-union members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community. In 30 states, it is legal to fire someone because of their

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