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  • iMail , News November 12, 2013

    Machinists Union: US Airways Chooses Labor Unrest

    “US Airways’ celebration is premature,” said IAM District 141 President Rich Delaney on the announcement of a deal between US Airways, American Airlines and the Department of Justice that removed government opposition to the proposed merger. “Until the carrier negotiates new contracts for its own IAM-represented employees, the new American Airlines will not get off

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  • iMail , News January 20, 2011

    IAM Mechanics Open Contract Negotiations with US Airways

    IAM District 142 announced that negotiations will begin today in Phoenix, AZ, on new contract terms for more than 3,300 Mechanic & Related and Maintenance Training Specialist employees at US Airways. “Written off by industry experts as ‘dead on arrival’ twice, US Airways survived thanks only to massive sacrifices by employees in two bankruptcies,” said

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