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State By State Listings of Voter Guides, Voter Registration and Absentee Ballots

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The sites should contain information provided for in the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA)

Updated December 2012


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Legislative Action

The Political / Legislative Department of the IAM

The United States Senate This site includes links to Senators” offices and also includes bills, calendars, notices of committee hearings, and a daily digest of Senate action (usually with a one day delay)

U.S. House of Representatives This site includes Member Offices, schedule of hearings, “real time” reports on floor action, a schedule for the week and other current information.

THOMAS Full text of legislation, all versions of House & Senate bills are searchable by keywords or by number. Full text of the Congressional Record from 1994. This site has links to other useful government information and historical documents.

Legislative Action by State

The Illinois State Legislature  Office addresses, e-mail addresses and other important information about the Illinois State Legislature.

The Indiana State Legislature  Legislator listings alphabetically and by district.

The Iowa State Legislature Includes legislation sponsored, contact information, committee assignment, photo, and e-mail address.

The Michigan State Legislature Look for “The Legislative Branch” in the middle of the page. There are directories for the State Senate and House.

The Minnesota State Legislature Click on “State Legislative Directories.”

The Missouri State Legislature Click on the “down” arrow in the middle of the page labeled “Legislative Branch.”

The Nebraska State Legislature  The Nebraska Unicameral – Senators of The Nebraska State Legislature.

The North Dakota State Legislature Look for the words ” 56th Legislative Assembly (1999)” in the middle of the page and click on Senate or House of Representatives.

The South Dakota State Legislature Rosters, District maps and listings by district.

The Wisconsin State Legislature There are listings for the Senate and Assembly. If you don”t know who your legislators are, click on “Who Are My Legislators” you can search for them using your address and zip code.