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  • Uncategorized May 7, 2013

    IndustriALL Headlines #41 – May 2 , 2013

     IndustriALL Headlines are produced by IndustriALL Global Union 15 May Deadline Set for Bangladesh Safety Plan April 30, 2013:  IndustriALL and international clothing brands commit to a 15 May deadline to finalize an agreement on fire and building safety that will make the garment industry of Bangladesh sustainable. Funds will be made available for inspections,

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  • Uncategorized April 26, 2013

    IndustriALL Headlines #40 – April 25, 2013

    IndustriALL Headlines are produced by IndustriALL Global Union   HUNDREDS OF BANGLADESHI GARMENT WORKERS DIE April 25, 2013:  The Worst ever industrial accident in Bangladesh has killed more than 200 garment workers with fears of a final death toll reaching 1,000 as hundreds remain injured and trapped in the debris. “Cut off my hand, save

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  • Uncategorized April 18, 2013

    IndustriALL Headlines #39 April 18, 2013

    IndustriALL Headlines is produced by IndustriALL Global Union   OVER 200 WORKERS PROTEST AT HOLCIM’S AGM April 18, 2013:  Workers from all over Europe were outside Holcim’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Switzerland, in protest against the Europe-wide job cuts and plant closures at Holcim sites. On 17 April at Holcim’s AGM in Dübendorf, Switzerland,

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  • Uncategorized April 12, 2013

    IndustriALL Headlines #38 – April 11, 2013

    THE DRAMA OF RUSAL FRIGUIA April 11, 2013:  Locked-out workers at the Friguia aluminium plant of Russian-based multinational Rusal have been picketing with their families in front of the local authorities’ offices for several days, calling for a reopening of the plant. Management vindictively responded to a workers’ strike action one year ago by forcibly

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  • Uncategorized April 4, 2013

    IndustriALL Headlines #37 – April 4, 2013

    IndustriALL Headllines id produced by IndustriALL Global Union   IndustriALL Heralds New IRMA Head April 4, 2013:  IndustriALL Global Union is pleasea to welcome Matthew Wenban-Smith as new Managing Director of the initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA).  The appointment marks an important milestone in establishing IRMA as the first legitimate global certification programme in

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