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Cost of Living

Thu. December 18, 2014

The latest CPI-W (Consumer Price Index-Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers) information.

Machinists Take Time to Give Back During Holiday Season

Thu. December 18, 2014

From toy drives to bike collections, the IAM is banding together this holiday season to help spread some cheer to working families across the country.

Texas URS Workers Complete WWW Negotiation Prep Class

Thu. December 18, 2014

The newly-elected Negotiating Committee at URS at Red River Army Depot outside of Texarkana, TX attended the Negotiations Preparations training at the William W. Winpisinger Center (WWW) in Hollywood, MD in preparation for upcoming negotiations.

Young Machinists Sought for AFL-CIO NextUp Young Worker Summit

Thu. December 18, 2014

IAM District and Local Lodges are encouraged to consider sending young activists to represent the Machinists Union at the AFL-CIO NextUp Young Worker Summit.

Federal Employee Basic Class Deadline Extended to January 9

Thu. December 18, 2014

The deadline for the Federal Employees’ Basic Program to be held February 8-13, 2015 at the William W. Winpisinger (WWW) Education and Technology Center, in Hollywood, MD, has been extended to January 9.

Grand Lodge Sets Holiday Closing

Thu. December 18, 2014

IAM Headquarters will close for the holidays at the close of business Friday, December 19, and re-open Monday, January 5, 2015. Best wishes to all for a safe and joyous holiday season.

Employment and Unemployment

Wed. December 17, 2014

In November, the unemployment rate held at 5.8%.