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A Labor Day Message from International President Buffenbarger

Thu. August 28, 2014

A special Labor Day video message from IAM International President Tom Buffenbarger.

10-year-old Guide Dog Retires with Honors

Thu. August 28, 2014

A 10-year-old guide dog was recently given a retirement and homecoming party to remember.

Silbas to Join IAM Legislative Department

Thu. August 28, 2014

General Vice President Diane Babineaux announced that 23-year IAM member Monica Lee Silbas will join the IAM’s Politics and Legislative Department as a Legislative Representative effective September 1, 2014. Silbas currently serves as the Educational Representative for the Transportation Department.

Rodriguez Named Special Representative to IAM Southern Territory

Thu. August 28, 2014

IAM Southern Territory General Vice President Mark Blondin has appointed IAM District W2 Assistant Directing Business Representative Valerie Rodriguez as a Special Representative for the Southern Territory, effective September 1.

APRI Honors Babineaux with “Rosa Tucker Award”

Thu. August 28, 2014

IAM General Vice President Diane Babineaux received the “Rosa Tucker Award” at the 45th National A. Philip Randolph Institute (APRI) Education Conference in Reno, NV.

IAM Video Unveils True Labor Day Founder

Thu. August 28, 2014

Ever wondered who founded Labor Day? Well, word has always had it that the holiday, dedicated to honoring working men and women, was started by a Machinists member. A new video produced by the Machinists News Network investigates.

Machinists Union Files for Mediation at Southwest Airlines

Tue. August 26, 2014

After more than two years of direct talks with Southwest Airlines, the IAM announced it will file for mediation with the National Mediation Board (NMB), the federal agency that oversees contract negotiations in the airline industry.