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  • iMail , News , Southern , TCU October 17, 2019

    Workers Wonder if Lost Roanoke’s FreightCar Jobs Will Roll to Mexico

    “Seriously, what else would you call closing an American facility and opening one in Mexico six months later?” wrote Fred Owens, a third-generation worker at FreightCar America Roanoke and President of the TCU-IAM Carmen Division Local 6016. “And why else were we certified for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) by the Department of Labor, which only

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  • iMail , News , Southern October 15, 2019

    The Watchmen of the IAM

      Regardless of your age, you are greeted the minute you walk into the retiree meeting at district 776, usually with a piece of cake. The sweets are just a bonus; it’s the people in this room who draw you in.

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  • iMail , News , Southern October 10, 2019

    Texas District 776 Golfs for Guide Dogs

    The annual Bob Martinez Golf Tournament, hosted by District 776 in Fort Worth, TX, is an event everyone looks forward to attending.  One reason is that this is the home district of the IAM’s International President and the members here are extremely proud to call him brother. But the other motivation is that no matter the

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  • iMail , News , Southern October 8, 2019

    Still Striking at Sherwin-Williams

    To many, ten days may not seem like a long time. But for a worker on strike, ten days can feel like forever. But for the more than ninety machinist members from Local 708 on strike against Sherwin-Williams in Andover, KS, there really was no other choice but to walk. Not just for themselves, but for the

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  • Government Employees , iMail , News , Southern October 3, 2019

    Local 1243 Gets Ready to Deal

    Sidebar, TA, Ground Rules – this is the sort of terminology that is tossed across most bargaining tables. But if this is your first time with a seat, that’s not something you would know.

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