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  • A New Machinists Union Initiative LEADS the Way for IAM Women

    We can’t talk about change in the workplace without women’s voices at the table. That’s why the Machinists Union created the LEADS program, an initiative to create new pathways to leadership roles for our IAM Sisters.

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  • GST Dora Cervantes: We Must Protect Our Vote

    IAM General Secretary-Treasurer Dora Cervantes explains why we must pass the Freedom to Vote Act, which will protect your right to vote and ensure that every vote is counted.

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  • A Girl, A Scholarship And A Dream

    As Rachel Steele prepares to earn her doctorate in 2022, she looks back on how much an IAM scholarship meant to her back in 2003. Her father, Thomas Steele, was working for Boeing that year and she was featured in the IAM Journal as one of several scholarship winners. 

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  • Build Back Better

    You may have heard about the Build Back Better Act, but what is it and how can it help to change your life?

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