Members Speak Out

What does the Union mean to you?

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Greg French – Helicopter Mechanic

Before they could and now they can’t. They are going to have to deal with the union and we have certain rights that are given to us by the IAM, being members and management cannot do with us what they want anymore. Simple as that.

James Eaches – Aircraft Mechanic

With the IAM pension plan there, at least you will have some kind of stability when it is time for you to retire. You will get something every single month no matter what, very important.


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Patricia LaSala – Nurse

I have a legal team that I can refer to and consult with, there’s an Organizing Department, there’s a Communications Department.

I make it a point to let my members know what’s available to them, by going to IMail and seeing all the things that they can do. Legislatively, being active legislatively. And this union is very active legislatively.

That’s what the union does, the union sticks up for the nurses, the union is there to protect the nursing staff and make sure that they are treated fairly as they should be.

Myself and many of my members have been fortunate enough to go the training center at Placid Harbor to take courses in leadership, and arbitration, a women’s course, communications courses.

Krystal Allen – Customer Service Representative

By having the union backing us up, it really helps out as far as negotiations and contracts and I have gathered that from my fellow co-workers.

It’s not about combating your employer or anything like that. It’s about equal rights, representation and your civil rights as an employee.


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Debra Thompson – Bus Driver

We do now have more job security…everyone is feeling like they getting equally… they have a voice whether they willing to walk up and speak for themselves. They have someone to walk up and speak for them.

You know as they say in those days when you look over your shoulder and you got that Verizon team right behind you? When you look around you have the whole IAM team right behind you.

Sheldon Barber – Support Equipment Mechanic

You can only take it for so long. We had conditions that were so bad for so long that I guess finally enough people go fed up and decided something needed to be done.

It’s very important for our people to learn for themselves, because the company of course is only going to tell you what they want you to know.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten, you know, literature about this issue, that issue being supported. I think that it’s great. I’m just waiting for our local to get more involved in some of those kinds of things. Because that’s something I’m looking forward to personally doing, is going lobbying and things of that nature.