A Midterm Election Reality Check

With less than two weeks remaining before the November 2 election, UCubed activists were reminded what is likely to occur if control of the House of Representatives passes to the anti-jobless deficit hawks.

“How about Tier V?” asked UCubed Acting Executive Director Rick Sloan. “Not happening. Extended unemployment benefits? Forgetaboutit. COBRA discounts? When pigs fly. Foreclosure moratorium? Right after hell freezes over. Food stamp expansion? Tougher eligibility rules are far more likely.”

UCubed activists were urged to reject the anti-incumbent sentiment and to focus on their real tormentors – the Republicans who voted over 7,300 times against the jobless and for their corporate allies who triggered this Grave Recession.

“Unless America’s jobless go vote on Nov. 2 — and vote against their real tormentors — the days ahead will be the darkest of their lives,” said Sloan. “This long national nightmare will last past 2012, probably into 2014. So, let’s get real. Let’s point our rage in the right direction.”

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