April 2008

April Sister of the Month
Sheila Hammond

S HammondSister Sheila Hammond became a member of a union in 1968, when she began her in-flight career with Trans Texas Airlines (later renamed Texas International). Within one year she was a member of several union committees and in 1970 won her first elected office. In 1982, Texas International merged with Continental Airlines, which ultimately, brought Sister Sheila to become a member of the IAM.

As a member of the IAM, Sister Sheila served a two year term as President of Local Lodge 2339.  She has been part of numerous contract negotiations and grievance processes throughout her career, always doing her best to protect the interests of her union sisters and brothers.  In addition, she has given authoritative testimony before the National Mediation Board, the National Transportation Safety Board and lobbied both houses of Congress regarding issues important to the flight attendant occupation.

Sister Sheila has always been driven by the desire to make things better. She advises other sisters motivated to improve their situation to be, “persistent, persistent, persistent.  Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.”

This determined attitude is applied to all aspects of Sister Sheila’s life and was instrumental in her fight against breast cancer.  As a breast cancer survivor she’s a strong advocate for awareness and encouraging annual mammograms and monthly self-exams.

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