Bombardier Learjet to Add Jobs in Wichita

Workers at Bombardier Learjet hear the good news from Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson as he announces that the new Learjet 85 will be assembled in Wichita.

The community of Wichita had a big win when Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson announced that Bombardier Learjet will assemble the new composite Learjet 85 business jet in Wichita in exchange for $27 million in bond financing from the state.

L to R: GLR Don Barker, Aerospace Coordinator Ron Eldridge, Gov. Parkinson and District 70 DBR Steve Rooney.

The company also agreed not to move existing operations out of the state. The move will mean 300 new jobs in Wichita. The money means an all-new paint facility, customer delivery center, production flight test facility and expanded production hangers.

“We’ve tied the $27 million in incentives not just to the new jobs, but to keeping the existing operations here,” said Parkinson.

“This is fantastic news for Wichita,” said Southern Territory General Vice President Bob Martinez. “Both Spirit AeroSystems and Bombardier have committed to Kansas for the future. We have negotiated good contracts with both companies which give them the ability to compete. The IAM, city and state must now work to have Hawker Beechcraft and Cessna make similar commitments to ensure that Wichita is the Air Capital for years to come.”

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