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  • iMail , News October 14, 2010

    ‘Survival’ Vote Looms at Hawker Beechcraft

    IAM members at Hawker Beechcraft in Wichita, KS, will vote this week on a seven-year tentative agreement that preserves two-thirds of the 2,600 bargaining unit jobs that were threatened with elimination. Prior to the tentative agreement, Hawker Beechcraft was considering a $400 million offer from the state of Louisiana to relocate its entire manufacturing operation

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  • iMail , News October 7, 2010

    Negotiations to Resume at Hawker Beechcraft

    IAM General Vice President Rich Michalski was instrumental in the effort to keep Hawker Beechcraft from moving operations from Wichita, KS, to Baton Rouge, LA. Hawker Beechcraft Corporation (HBC) workers in Wichita, KS, dodged a hail of bullets this week thanks to the outcome of discussions between Hawker Beechcraft CEO Bill Boisture, Kansas Democratic Governor

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  • iMail , News September 16, 2010

    Cessna Contract: a Knife in Wichita’s Heart

    Hundreds of of District 70 members and supporters in Wichita, KS, rallied for jobs and a fair contract with Cessna. “When negotiations started with Cessna, the IAM committed to partner with the company to survive the current recession, and to save and create jobs for the future,” said Southern Territory GVP Bob Martinez. “It soon

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  • iMail , News September 14, 2010

    District 70 President Defends Unions in Wichita Editorial

    In a recent editorial published in the Wichita Eagle, District 70 President and Directing Business Representative Steve Rooney responded to an article that asked, “Why are people against unions?” The initial article cherry-picks from selected polls and cites anti-union sentiments on Internet message boards, where words such as “greedy,” “entitled” and “out-of-touch” are not uncommon.

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  • News September 6, 2010

    Labor Day – Cast Your Vote

    On the Sunday before Labor Day, the Wichita Eagle features an article by Dan Vorhees on “Why are people against labor unions”  Vorhees writes that union membership is declining, but doesn’t mention that our labor laws are broken or the massive  and systematic intimidation of workers when companies oppose organizing drives. Right now, the Eagle

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