Distracted Driving Awareness

Traveling down the road, how many times have you been sitting at a green intersection light with no vehicles moving, to discover the reason for the delay was because of a driver talking or texting on a cell phone, hand held or hands free, not aware that the signal light had changed?

How many times following the above scenario, have you seen drivers, who were delayed by the cell phone using driver, drive through the intersection even though the light had changed to red?

It’s amazing and many times sad how such a seemingly innocent act of answering a phone call or looking at a text or texting can lead to a very negative chain of events.

April is the U.S.A. Department of Transportation’s Distracted Driving Awareness month.


Check out the above link to learn about how to make a difference in the effort to change people’s habits of texting or talking while driving.

The National Safety Council is another good source of information, employer Cell Phone Policy Program kits, or to sign a non-texting/talking while driving pledge and links to stories with videos of people who have learned the hard way and now are trying to bring awareness to try to change the cultural acceptance of talking and texting while driving.

The link below will take you to the Distracted Driving Awareness section of the National Safety Council’s website but while you’re there take note of the abundant source of information they provide for your safety on numerous subjects.


Consider this the next time you’re driving;

Is the phone call or text that I am about to receive or send worth my life?

 My passenger’s lives?

 The life of the other drivers or pedestrians?

The loss for their families and friends?

Consider this the next time you’re talking or texting to someone and learn that they are driving;

Is this conversation that important that I am willing to distract this person and risk being part of the cause of an accident?

Am I willing to live the rest of my life with the guilt of being responsible for the crippling or death of the person on the other end of the phone, the passengers in their vehicle, or in the one I’m driving?


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