DOE Worker Dialogue Site

Over the last few weeks, we have been working with the National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) to launch an online dialogue tool, similar to an online town hall, which gives workers the opportunity to share their experiences and provide your feedback to help enhance and shape DOE’s worker safety initiatives and programs. 

As an IAM member, who works or has worked at a DOE facility, your knowledge and experiences are a key resource in enhancing DOE’s worker health and safety programs.  I encourage you to take this opportunity to participate in the Dialogue and share your ideas and opinions but, please keep it constructive.   

Beginining on Monday June 14th through July 11th, the National Academy of Public Administration, will host this Dialogue entitled, “A Worker Dialogue: Improving Health, Safety and Security at DOE”. This secure web-based “conversation” will allow workers to discuss challenges, generate ideas and recommend ways to improve worker safety at DOE sites. The Dialogue will be live 24/7, during which time workers will be able to log on and join the discussion by submitting their own ideas and commenting on the ideas of others.  

Because the dialogue is hosted by the independent National Academy, rest assured that it will be a safe, neutral space for participants to openly discuss their experiences and perspectives. 

In order to ensure the Dialogue’s success, you must register soon and spread the word to our members, both active and retired, by asking them to do the following: 

  1. Sign up! – The Dialogue will launch on June 14th. Until then, you can sign up to receive email updates at
  2. Make your voice heard! – When Dialogue goes live, the website will be password-protected to make sure only DOE union workers are able to participate. On June 14th, visit, and enter the access username (“worker”) and password (“dialogue”), so you can register for an account. 
  3. Spread the word!    Make sure your coworkers and other union workers at your DOE site know about this opportunity. The more people that participate, the better the results. Your log–in and personal information may not be shared with the union or company.

The goal of this Dialogue is to make informed recommendations to the Deputy Secretary of Energy on DOE’s health and safety programs. Please take some time to visit the Dialogue site a few times during the 30 day period and make our voices heard. It’s our turn to be recognized for what we know! 

Contact NAPA directly at or call Matt Thomas at 202-204-3660.

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